OPT: Protection of civilians – OCHA Weekly report (3-9 October 2007)

Of note this week

Gaza Strip:

The IDF killed three Palestinians and injured 12 others including, two Palestinian children (aged 14 and 15 years) who were shot and injured while approaching the Gaza border fence. They were shot at by IDF soldiers stationed at an observation post east of Karni (Gaza).

A 22-year-old Palestinian bystander was killed when ten IDF tanks and two bulldozers entered 2 km east of Al Fukhari area and levelled and excavated agricultural land (Khan Yunis).

Five Palestinians were injured in factional violence.

13 Qassam rockets and 25 mortars were fired towards Israel, two of which landed in Palestinian areas. In addition, 5 mortars were fired towards IDF soldiers in the Gaza Strip.

The IAF carried out three air strikes during the reporting period.

30 Palestinians stranded on the Egyptian side of the Gaza Strip border (due to the closure of Rafah crossing since 9 June) returned to Gaza. According to Palestinian and Israeli media sources, the people returned through Rafah crossing with the consent and cooperation of the Egyptian authorities.

The Gaza Municipality employees have been on strike since 4 October to protest the non-payment of their salaries.

West Bank:

16 Palestinians and two IDF soldiers were injured. In addition, one Palestinian died of injuries sustained on 25 August in Jenin City.

8 October: On the Muslim holiday of Lailat al Qadr when increasing numbers of Muslim worshippers wish to pray in Al Aqsa Mosque and Al Haram Al-Sharif, there were

restrictions on access to Jerusalem similar to other Fridays during the month of Ramadan. Only women over 40 and men over 50 years of age were allowed entry. All

vehicular traffic at Qalandiya checkpoint was stopped from 1330 hours onwards.

3 – 6 October: Israel continued to impose a general closure on the West Bank due the Jewish holiday Sukkot. All Palestinian workers and traders with valid permits were prevented from entering Israel and Jerusalem through all the checkpoints and were denied access to their work places inside Israel.

4 October: A 25-year-old Palestinian taxi driver was physically assaulted by Israeli settlers near An Nabi Elyas (Qalqiliya).

102 flying checkpoints, 93 search and arrest campaigns, and 49 arrests were reported.



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