Civil Society

Promotion of Gaza schools' inclusion


Insecurity and restrictions of movements between Gaza and Israel have been limiting local economy and trade, impacting negatively on the possibility to provide social services. The deficiencies in care, education and psycho-social assistance affect particularly children and adolescents, who represent more than 50% of the Gaza Strip population. Children with special needs are excluded from public schools because of lack of specialised teachers able to take care of them. EducAid and Remedial Education Centre have been working together in Gaza in the field of school inclusion since 2003.


To support the right to education of all Palestinian children, promoting school inclusion of the most disadvantaged ones to build the capacities of REC in its action to promote inclusive education in Gaza primary governmental schools.


Skills for quality interventions and management of REC are strengthened Children with special needs are included in curricular and extra-curricular activities of public primary schools, thanks to enhanced skills of teachers and families’ involvement Civil society organizations have more capacities to influence national policies on education and social inclusion.

Civil Society

Promotion of Gaza schools' inclusion

The GA-S-INK action promotes inclusive education in 6 targeted primary schools through:

1. an intensive capacity building action towards school and Remedial Education Centre staff

2. the introduction of new inclusion methodologies to ensure school retention of disadvantaged children

3. the setting up of a network and exchange system on children education among teachers, parents, and civil society.

Building on a previous project on education issues in Palestinian society, a field research on educational models in Gaza will be conducted by a joint team of Italian and Palestinian researchers. Its aim is to specify the possibilities for disadvantaged children to be included in primary schools and in society at large.

The project will enhance the capacities of the Remedial Education Centre to specifically target primary school pupils with low achievements and suffering of isolation in classrooms. Children with learning difficulties will be supported through remedial activities in extra school times. Staff from the centre will also be trained to act as a resource centre to respond to governmental teachers needs, providing them with practical refreshing courses. Additionally, support teachers from the Remedial Education Centre will be helping teachers from the 6 targeted primary schools in class management with reference to special needs children.

Children refused by public institutions and suffering from mild/medium mental or physical disabilities will be engaged in extra school activities in a day care centre before reintegration in public primary schools.

In parallel, a web twinning will be put in place between Gaza and Italian primary schools. A dedicated website will put children in contact and will make them able to exchange works (drawings, compositions) for a mutually beneficial intercultural exchange. The eTwinning is the continuation of twinning activities EducAid and REC had already put in place between Gaza and Italian schools through a previously EU funded project.

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