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22 June 2006

Q: Secretary-General, I have two very quick points. The first one is that the international community has united and focused on a question of elections of a democratically elected Government in Palestine instead of focusing on occupation. And thank you for your statement yesterday on the three Palestinian children. But as you know, statements will never retrieve the children to their families. So Secretary-General, how can the UN deal with this situation with occupation? My second point is that, who do you favour as Secretary-General and can a woman become Secretary-General? Thank you.

SG: I don't know how to answer your question on Palestine, but I must say I have been rather extremely concerned about the situation on the ground and the recent escalation of violence and death of innocent people. As you indicated, I did issue a statement yesterday. Obviously, the international community is engaged on the ground with [President Mahmoud] Abbas and his team. I notice that there are serious discussions going on between the Fatah elements and the Hamas elements about possibly finding a common ground to be able to move forward. And I hope they will succeed in their search for a common ground and form, if possible, a coalition government to be able to unite the Palestinian people and move forward. The UN and the other members of the international community are, for the moment, working through the Quartet, but it is not excluded that, down the line, maybe other broader initiatives may be necessary.

Document Type: Transcript
Document Sources: Secretary-General
Subject: Incidents, Self-government area/developments, Situation in the OPT including Jerusalem
Publication Date: 22/06/2006