OPT: Protection of civilians/Inter-factional violence – OCHA Weekly report (13-19 June 2007)

Protection of Civilians Weekly Report

13 – 19 June 2007

Key Issues:

Palestinian Inter-factional Violence:

Gaza Strip:

• During the reporting period, the National Unity Government collapsed and intense interfactional violence broke out between armed forces controlled by Fatah and Hamas. 104 Palestinians were killed including three UNRWA employees as well as at least four children and two women. Between 10 and 17 June, 796 Palestinians were injured due to factional fighting.1 These numbers were the highest figures reported from inter-factional violence. There were several incidents that raised concerns of serious violations of international law including extra-judicial executions, gun battles in hospitals and targeting of ambulances.

• Armed Hamas affiliates occupied eight structures in the Gaza Strip: two bases for PA security forces (Central Gaza and Khan Younis); two security compounds (Gaza and Rafah); one intelligence base (Central Gaza); the presidential office (Gaza); one residential tower (Gaza); and the house of Fatah leader Muhammad Dahlan (Khan Younis).

West Bank:

•  Two Palestinians were killed and 18 were injured as a result of inter-factional violence.

• There were 67 targets of attacks on property ranging from a kindergarten to ministerial offices. Approximately 58% of properties were reportedly targeted by unidentified individuals, while 39% were reportedly targeted by individuals affiliated with Fatah. The great majority of perpetrators were armed. Almost half of the properties attacked were set on fire.

• PA security forces, sometimes together with members of Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, arrested 200 Palestinians throughout the West Bank – almost all of whom were reportedly affiliated with Hamas. In addition, there were 21 abductions.

• In the Ramallah governorate, following the arrest campaign, PA employees affiliated with Hamas have been reported absent from work since 16 June.




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