DoS Spokesperson discusses Secretary of State Kerry’s meetings/tensions in the West Bank after the abduction of 3 Israeli teens – USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)

Marie Harf

Deputy Spokesperson
Daily Press Briefing

Washington, DC

June 25, 2014


  • Secretary Kerry's Meetings in Saudi Arabia / Tensions in the West Bank



1:21 p.m. EDT


QUESTION: — Palestinians? And the Lebanese. Is he meeting —

MS. HARF: He spoke yesterday on the phone with Palestinian President Abbas. I know I’ve been asked that yesterday and I just wanted to confirm it took place.

QUESTION: Okay. Because I think Abbas is visiting Russia today or Moscow. So is he likely to —

MS. HARF: Well, the Secretary is not in Moscow.

QUESTION: Okay. I know. But is he likely to speak to him —

MS. HARF: But was happy to speak to him yesterday. Yeah.

QUESTION: — tomorrow? Okay. Is it safe to assume that the Secretary of State will raise with Mr. Lieberman to sort of lighten up on their heavy hand in the West Bank and —

MS. HARF: Well, Said, as we’ve said, we’ve called on both sides – all parties – to exercise restraint, to show restraint. In the call with President Abbas yesterday, Secretary Kerry thanked him for his efforts to find the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers and also emphasized the need for restraint from all sides during this difficult time. He also agreed to stay in touch in the days ahead.

QUESTION: Israel launched a couple of air raids on Gaza yesterday. Although Hamas, the head of the politburo, basically said we have nothing to do with the kidnapping. Do you have any comment on that?

MS. HARF: I’m not aware of those reports. I’m happy to check.


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