Protection of civilians – OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes – OPT (10-16 Jan. 2007)

Protection of Civilians – Weekly Briefing Notes

10 – 16 January 2007

Of note this week

– Three Palestinians – including a 10 year-old girl – were killed and 17 injured in the oPt during the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Four Israelis were also injured, including two injured by the IDF during a demonstration against the construction of the Barrier.

– Two Palestinians were killed and 19 injured during Palestinian-Palestinian (internal) violence. Clashes between Fatah and Hamas supporters continued, though at decreased levels compared to previous weeks. However, armed family feuds in the Gaza Strip resulted in the death of a one-year old Palestinian infant and injury to eight other persons.

– The PA Civil Servants’ Union announced that it would end the 130-day strike launched to protest the non-payment of salaries. The PA Finance Minister announced that salaries will be paid starting next month and that wages arrears will be paid in installments.




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