EU Parliament condemns IS/Daesh terror attacks on the Yarmouk refugee camp – EP press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)

Human rights: Yarmouk refugee camp…

Press release – Humanitarian aid / Development and cooperation / External relations −30-04-2015 – 17:38

Parliament condemned IS/Daesh terror attacks on the Palestinian refugee camp in Yarmouk,


Terror attacks on Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria

MEPs condemn the acts of terrorism perpetrated by IS/Daesh and Jabhat al-Nustra against the Palestinian refugee camp at Yarmouk in Syria, and its siege and bombardment by the Assad regime. They are gravely concerned at the continued deterioration of the security and humanitarian situation in Syria and in particular in the Yarmouk camp and in other Palestinian camps.  The neutral status of Yarmouk and the protection of the civilians inside the camp, particularly women and children, must be ensured and medical facilities, schools and places of refuge safeguarded, MEPs stress.


Procedure:  Non-legislative resolutions

REF. : 20150424IPR45744


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