Quartet Representative urges more immediate intervention in Gaza – OQR press release/Non-UN document

Quartet Representative Tony Blair urges more immediate intervention in Gaza

Monday, Dec 16, 2013 in Office of the Quartet Representative

Commenting on the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza, Quartet Representative Tony Blair expressed his deepening concern, especially in light of the recent storm which has further worsened conditions in the Gaza Strip. Mr. Blair said “the severe weather conditions have had a disastrous impact on the humanitarian situation there, leaving thousands of people without shelter and numerous houses destroyed. The recent adverse weather conditions have only worsened the already dire situation in Gaza, which is suffering from an ongoing energy crisis and the restricted movement of goods into and out of the Strip.”

Quartet Representative Blair noted positively the recent measures undertaken by the Palestinian Authority and facilitated by the Government of Israel to alleviate the direct impact of the storm, which have included the entry of water pumps, humanitarian assistance and the entry of 1.2 million liters of industrial fuel to the Gaza power plant as part of the Qatari donation. Mr. Blair stated “these measures are indeed vital in the present conditions. The impact of the storm has increased the urgency for immediate intervention in order to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in the Strip and has again illustrated the need for a more lasting solution to the problems facing the people there.” Mr. Blair urged all parties to act promptly to find a lasting solution to the ongoing energy crisis and encouraged the Government of Israel to take the necessary steps to reopen the crossings and allowing the movement of goods and people in order to rehabilitate the Gazan economy which will reduce aid dependence and improve the resilience of the ordinary people.


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