Appraisal of the Palestinian NGO IV Project (PNGO IV)
Environmental Management Plan
May 2010


The Palestinian NGO Project (PNGO) is a major initiative of the World Bank, which began in 1997, when the Welfare Association Consortium (WAC) composed of the Welfare Association (WA) as the lead partner, the British Council and the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) won the World Bank’s competitive tender for the management of the PNGO Project. The consortium formed a management partnership, which oversees the work of the Project Management Organization (PMO). The PMO was the implementation agency for PNGO I and PNGO II and PNGO III.

The World Bank has been requested to support a fourth Palestinian NGO Project based on the successes of the first three. Palestinian NGOs still need support and a reliable funding in supplementing their services to vulnerable communities, which the public service delivery system does not adequately reach. NGOs, particularly smaller community-based NGOs, need strengthening, especially in effective planning, managing and monitoring of their service delivery programs.

PNGO IV will support the development of a credible and sustainable professional agency (the NGO Development Center, NDC) which will effectively provide technical, policy, and funding support to the NGOs service delivery programs in the West Bank and Gaza. NDC will oversee the management of PNGO IV. The PNGO IV project has three main components: NGO Grant Facility, NGO Sector Development, and Institutional Development of NDC.

To proceed with the preparation of the project it is necessary to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) as part of the procurement requirements under the Project. These two environmental reports shall comply with the World Bank policies and procedures. The EIA and EMP provide the following key outputs:

  • Identify the types, nature and scale of interventions under the NDC components of the project;
  • Determine based on knowledge of these interventions, whether the proposed investments may result in environmental or social impacts;
  • Propose mitigation and monitoring measures in the form of a project-EMP and applicable safeguard documentation to address potential impacts;
  • Provide recommendations to build capacity and strengthen environmental management
  • Develop procedures to identify and address potential environmental and social safeguard issues of PNGO IV subprojects;
  • Provide a budget for mainstreaming environmental and social issues into the PNGO IV budget.

This EMP report presents the environmental criteria for selecting the projects to be covered by PNGO IV and give details for administering and monitoring the potential environmental impacts and their mitigation measures. The environmental matrices in annex 1 provide means to be considered during the design, implementation, operation, and control of the subprojects. Terms of reference for EA are annexed to the EMP (Annex 2).

The EIA addressing the potential environmental impacts and the mitigation measures is prepared in a separate document. In the EIA, the overall environmental situation, the status of environmental legislation and regulation, the legal status of NGOs in the West Bank and Gaza are presented.


Document symbol: 1005WBPNGOIV
Document Type: Assessment
Document Sources: World Bank
Subject: Assistance, Environmental issues, NGOs/Civil Society
Publication Date: 19/05/2010