France’s President Holland congratulates PA President Abbas on formation of national unity gov’t. – Government of France communiqué/Non-UN document

Official speeches and statements of june 12, 2014

1 – Palestinian Territories – Communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic The French President spoke on the telephone to the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mr Mahmoud Abbas, whom he congratulated on the formation of the national unity government.

He welcomed President Abbas's pledge that the new government will reject violence, remain committed to the peace process and accept the agreements already concluded, which include the recognition of Israel.

The French President also expressed regret over the suspension of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and called for both sides to resume dialogue as soon as possible and refrain from any gestures compromising it.

He recalled that only negotiation, on the basis of the internationally-accepted parameters, will enable a fair, lasting solution to be reached, to end all claims.

France is always available to make its contribution to this./.

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