OPT: Protection of civilians – OCHA Weekly report (9-16 October 2007)

Of note this week

Gaza Strip:

• An armed Hamas member was killed by an IDF surface-to-surface missile and eight others were injured including a 14 year-old UNRWA school student as a result of IDF activities in the Gaza Strip. Ten Palestinians were arrested during an IDF operation in Johr Ed-Dik area, south of Karni crossing and Al Maghazi camp. IDF troops conducted house-search operations under cover of heavy helicopter gunfire south of Sufa crossing and east of Deir El Balah, where IDF troops called for all males aged 16 to 40 to gather in an open area for interrogation.

• Three homemade rockets were fired at Israel, two detonated in Gaza, one of which hit a Palestinian house injuring a 16 year-old Palestinian. Twenty one mortar shells were fired, nine of which were fired towards Kerem Shalom and six were fired towards Erez crossing.

• During the reporting period, IDF tanks and bulldozers entered into Palestinian areas and conducted levelling and excavation operations. IDF Bulldozers uprooted approximately 273 dunums of olive and citrus trees and bulldozed seven water wells in North, Central and Khan Yuonis Governorates.

• In two separate incidents, IDF gunboats opened fire towards Palestinian fishing boats west of Rafah and arrested five Palestinian fisher folk.

• Five UNRWA schools in Beit Hanoun and Beit Hanoun Health Centre were evacuated due to an IDF incursion.

West Bank:

10 October: The IDF arrested a member of the Bethlehem Municipal Council.

•  11 October: Israeli Police demolished a settlement outpost named Netzar which was located between the settlements of Elazara and Allon Shevut (Bethlehem). The outpost was established two years ago.

•  During the reporting period: the IDF increased its presence in the H2 section of the City of Hebron due to Laylat Al Qader and Al Eid.

•  During the reporting period: Checkpoints around Jerusalem were problematic. Delays at Jaba’ checkpoint were encountered on a daily basis. Palestinians travelling to Ramallah encountered an average of 30 minutes delay.



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