Occupied Palestinian Territory – Hunger’s global hotspots – WFP report (excerpts)

Hunger's global hotspots 01 June 2007


Occupied Palestinian territories

Whilst people are currently able to move around to access work and markets, small arms proliferation is rising and inter-factional tensions are growing.

WFP has continued distributions and activities as normal and is up to date with distributions (which had been delayed in Gaza City during the fighting in previous weeks).

A statement was issued by the Islamic Swords of Justice over the weekend threatening to kill uncovered women broadcasting on Palestinian TV. This is extremely worrying as it has an impact on any uncovered women with public exposure in Gaza.

Concerning development 

In a concerning development, in the second attack in two weeks, a barrage of mortars hit Erez crossing (the main crossing point to Gaza).

This is the sole crossing point for UN staff between Gaza and Israel and delays are common.

Staff can spend anything between 40 minutes and several hours in and around the terminal waiting to enter Israel from Gaza exposing them to a high risk. In fact two WFP staff spent three hours there earlier this week.

In the past week Karni crossing was functioning regularly. WFP sent 50 containers in the past week (in and out of Gaza) which is in line with the agreement with the Israeli authorities.

Document Type: Report
Document Sources: World Food Programme (WFP)
Subject: Access and movement, Assistance, Economic issues, Food
Publication Date: 01/06/2007
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