Russia concerned with Israel’s new settlement plans – Comments by Information and Press Dept. of the Russian Ministry of For. Affairs – Press release/Non-UN document

Comment by the Information and Press Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
regarding the Israel’s new settlement plans of Israel on Palestinian territories


On the June the Housing Ministry of Israel announced a tender about construction of 1466 new homes in the settlements in the occupied territories on the West Bank of the Jordan River and in East Jerusalem.

Moscow perceived this step by the Israeli authorities with concern. The implementation of new settlements in conditions of slips in the peace settlement after the stop of another negotiation round between the parties in April is a direct threat to the prospects of the resolution of the Palestinian problem by the two states.

We continue to believe that construction of settlements on the occupied Palestinian territories is illegal according to known international and legal norms and decisions and must be stopped. We confirm the need to refrain from any unilateral steps, which can disrupt the efforts, which are aimed at a peaceful settlement. We believe that the refusal from the adopted decision contributed to recovery of the situation in the negotiations and the creation of more favourable conditions for the renewal of the peace process. Russia will continue to support the creation of an independent, sovereign, territorially integral Palestinian state, which is capable of living, on the existing international legal basis.

6 June 2014

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Document Type: Comments, French text, Press Release, Statement
Country: Israel, Russian Federation
Subject: International presence, Jerusalem, Legal issues, Peace process, Settlements
Publication Date: 09/06/2014
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