OPT: Protection of civilians – OCHA Weekly report (8-14 August 2007)

Of note this week

Gaza Strip:

• The IDF killed 11 Palestinians and injured 27 others (North Gaza, Gaza, and Khan Younis). Amongst the casualties are a 70-year-old woman and her son who were killed when a tank shell hit their home (Khan Younis). A total of four IAF strikes took place.

• A total of 81 arrests were reported; the IDF ordered all males aged 16 to 25 years to gather in an open area and arrested 80 men (Khan Younis) and on another occasion the IDF conducted a house search operation in Al Maghazi Camp and detained a 16-year-old female shepherd but released her on the same day (Central Gaza).

• 15 Qassam rockets and 29 mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, of which two rockets and one mortar landed in the Palestinian area. In addition, nine mortars were fired at IDF soldiers in the Gaza Strip.

• Between 29 July and 12 August: 6,374 of the Palestinians stranded on the Egyptian side of Rafah crossing entered the Gaza Strip through Erez crossing. Thousands of Palestinians inside Gaza (mainly students and people working abroad) are still waiting to leave. Rafah crossing has been closed since 9 June.

West Bank:

• One Palestinian was killed by an Israeli security guard (Jerusalem) and 17 others were injured (Jenin, Qalqiliya, Nablus, Ramallah, Jerusalem, and Hebron). Three Israeli settlers were injured in two separate incidents by stones thrown at their vehicles (Qalqiliya and Hebron).

• The Israeli Border Police and IDF soldiers demolished two houses in Jerusalem for lack of building permits. In the Jordan Valley, the IDF destroyed two water wells and demolished one house for lack of building permits. The IDF used bulldozers to remove two tents inhabited by at least forty people, including thirteen children, in Al Hadidiya who had been given an eviction order. The two extended families re-built the tents and continued to live in the area (Jordan Valley).

11 August: Members of an Israeli group named Anarchists Against the Wall damaged 30 meters of the Barrier in the vicinity of Beit Mirsim village (Hebron).

• 90 IDF search campaigns, 95 arrests, and 105 flying checkpoints were reported.

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