Press Release issued by OIC and Arab Ambassadors in Geneva

We strongly condemn the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people launched on 27 December 2008 and which has thus far resulted in the death of more than 300 people and over 1400 injured. Most of the victims are civilians, women and children.

These attacks are a grave violation of International Humanitarian Law in particular the 4th Geneva Convention applicable in the Occupied Palestinian Territory especially with regard to collective punishment and targeting of civilians, as well as of international human rights standards. Israel must be held accountable for these violations and crimes.

We demand Israel, the occupying power to respect its obligations under International Humanitarian Law and the Human Rights standards applicable in the Occupied Palestinian territory. We call upon Israel to immediately end its illegal blockade of the area that has resulted in the collective punishment of the people living therein. The massive use of force against the civilian population and the massacres must immediately end. Immediate access to medical and humanitarian aid as well as evacuation of the injured should be assured by the occupying power to the people of the Occupied Gaza Strip.

We call upon the international community to intervene to stop immediately these military operations, to help the ongoing efforts in bringing about a ceasefire and to end the occupation.

Geneva, 29 December 2008: