Three new agreements between the Gaddafi Foundation and UNRWA


12 August 2010

Tripoli: The Gaddaffi Foundation, one of the leading charitable foundations in the Middle East and North Africa, has signed with the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees three agreements supplementing the two agreements signed on 9 August in Amman.

The new agreements provide for:

  • A mobile health clinic in the West Bank
  • A support programme for the Bani Suhaila school in the south of Gaza
  • A microfinance project to support 800 families and approximately 4,800 dependants in Gaza through small-scale projects which will enable these families to support themselves.

The three agreements, worth $1.6 million, follow on the heels of the earlier agreements which provide for $50 million to fund new housing in Gaza and $500,000 for Ramadan food. Mr Grandi said: “the new agreements will be very valuable in helping us to provide the children of Gaza with a decent education, in helping patients in the West Bank to be seen by doctors despite the problems caused by the Barrier, and in helping small brave entrepreneurs in Gaza. Eng Saif Al Islam Al Gaddafi and the Gaddafi Foundation are providing exemplary support. We are grateful to them and to the leadership and generous people of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya who enable the Foundation to carry out its important work”.

Mr. Grandi also referred to the alarming deficit of $84 million in funding for UNRWA’s basic education and healthcare programmes, calling on other Arab donors to be ready to follow the example of the Gaddafi Foundation in its willingness to support UNRWA’s schools programme, and stating that “unless more donors come forward to help us to bridge the gap UNRWA may be very unfortunately forced to close schools and clinics in Gaza and elsewhere. And next year is going to be even more difficult.”

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