Four Palestinian Police officers conclude a study trip to Finland

Helsinki, September 19, 2014 – Four Palestinian police officers concluded a study trip to Finland on Friday to learn how the Finish Police Service manage their control and command centre during major incidents using information and communication systems.

At Helsinki Police Headquarters, the participants from the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department and Central Operations Room were shown the equipment, procedures and techniques that are used by police in the operation phases of an emergency response by police.

The study trip, which was funded and organised by EUPOL COPPS Mission, included visits to Emergency Response Centre in Kerava, various units in Helsinki Police Department and Police University in Tampere.

During regular discussions the Palestinian delegation exchanged ideas and experiences with their Finnish counterparts and briefed them about the challenges they face.   

The participants said that they have gained valuable information during the study and were provided with some best practices on how to arrange the operational part as well as the ICT to support it.

Document Type: Arabic text, Press Release
Document Sources: EUPOL COPPS, European Union (EU)
Country: Finland
Subject: Assistance, Security issues
Publication Date: 19/09/2014