UNHQ Board of Inquiry on Gaza (Ian Martin et al) – SecGen press encounter (excerpts)

New York, 7 April 2009 – Secretary-General's press encounter following his briefing to an informal session of the General Assembly


Q: The Board of Inquiry report on Gaza, Sir. Why isn't this report going to be released in full so that the public would know the UN assessment of what Israel did in Gaza, and why shouldn't it be expanded to include all that Israel did in Gaza during this war? Thank you, Sir.

SG: I have not yet received this report. I expect to receive it this week from Ian Martin, and then after reviewing this Board of Inquiry report, I will decide the future course of action on this issue, what further actions will be required.

Q: Do you think Israel should pay compensation for the destroyed UN headquarters in Gaza, Sir, so that there will be a price to pay not to do this again?

SG: For any detailed matters, I will have an opportunity of letting my position [be] known after receiving and reviewing this report.


Document Type: Press briefing, Remarks
Document Sources: Department of Public Information (DPI), Secretary-General
Subject: Casualties, Gaza Strip, Incursions, Legal issues
Publication Date: 07/04/2009
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