Communiqué issued by the 39th session of the OIC Council of Foreign Minister held in Djibouti on the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, currently holding its 39th session in Djibouti, strongly condemns the dangerous Israeli escalation against Gaza, which started yesterday morning and caused the death or wounding of tens of Palestinians in the Gaza strip, including women and children. The Council considers this barbaric aggression an continuation of the on-going savage and devastating war waged by the Zionist occupation against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip since 2008.

The Council observes that these serious acts of aggression are being committed at a time when efforts are continuing to reach a military truce in the Gaza Strip and accomplish a comprehensive Palestinian reconciliation.

The Council sees this premeditated wanton aggression as an attack on the entire Islamic Ummah and warns against the continued Israeli escalation and the attempt to reinvade the Gaza Strip, which will further fuel the conflict and take the region to the brink of an explosion.

The OIC Council of Foreign Ministers stands by the Palestinian people in their struggle to attain their legitimate rights in face of the Zionist criminal aggression and calls on the States of the world to stand against this aggression. The Council also appeals upon the UN security Council to assume its responsibility to safeguard international peace and security and hold an immediate to take the necessary steps to bring an end immediately to zionist aggression and raids currently being carried out against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, bring the perpetrators to account and protect the Palestinian people.