2009 common humanitarian action plan for the OPT – WHO humanitarian monthly update (excerpts)


Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean


Monthly Update

The World Health Organization Emergency Humanitarian Action programme in the Eastern Mediterranean Region covers 22 countries and aims at contributing to human security and quality oflife by minimizing the health impact of all forms of humanitarian crises, natural or man-made, and byaddressing the health needs of affected populations. Monthly, WHO produces an information bulletinin the Eastern Mediterranean Region intended to highlight, in a timely manner and concise way,health-related activities deployed by WHO at country level where there are humanitarian crises.

November 2008, Issue 6


Occupied Palestinian territory: the 2009 common humanitarian action plan

Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory are facing a crisis that affects all aspects of their daily life and living conditions have continued to deteriorate throughout 2008. They are increasingly left dependent on humanitarian assistance, largely in the form of food aid and cash handouts. The budget for WHO in the 2009 consolidated appeal process stands at US$ 4 161 210 and aims to reduce the health impact of the crisis and meet essential health needs, particularly of the most vulnerable.


Document Type: Plan of action, Report
Document Sources: World Health Organization (WHO)
Subject: Assistance, Health, Living conditions
Publication Date: 30/11/2008
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