The Security Council,

Recalling its resolutions 233 of 6 June 1967, 234 of 7 June 1967 and 240 of 25 October 1967,

Recalling further the consensus reached at its 1366th meeting on 9 July 1967 concerning the sending of observers to the Suez Canal sector,

Noting the Secretary-General's statement at the 1371st meeting of the Security Council on 25 October 3967 and the Secretary-General's reports S/8053 of 11 July 1967, S/8053/Add.l of 10 August 1967 and. S/8053/Add.3 of 31 October 1967 concerning the stationing of United Nations observers in the Suez Canal sector, the desirability of sending additional United Nations observers to the area and the provision to them of technical facilities and means of transport with a view to the more effective implementation of the Council's decision concerning a cease-fire and the cessation of all military activities,

Noting further the Secretary-General's report S/8182 of 4 October 1967 on the financial implications in regard to the stationing of additional observers in the Suez Canal sector,

Taking cognizance of the above-mentioned reports by the Secretary-General,

Authorizes the Secretary-General to increase the number of observers in the Suez Canal sector to ninety and to take the measures proposed in his report to the Security Council (3/8053/Add.3) concerning the provision of additional technical facilities and means of transport for the United Nations observer group.

* * *

Document symbol: S/8236
Document Type: Draft resolution
Document Sources: Security Council
Country: Soviet Union
Subject: Armed conflict, International presence, Middle East situation, Occupation, Peace proposals and efforts
Publication Date: 10/11/1967