Mideast situation – SecCo Summary record




Pursuant to Rule 11 of the Provisional Rules of Procedure of the Security council, I submit the following summary statement of matters of which the Security Council is seized and of the stage reached in their consideration on 19 March 1948.

1. The Iranian Question (see document S/641);

2. Special Agreements under Article 43 and the Organization of the Armed Forces made available to the Security Council (see document S/641);

3. Rules of Procedure of the Security Council (document S/641);

4/ Statute and Rules of Procedure of the Military Staff committee (see document S/641);

5. The General Regulation and Reduction of Armaments and Information on Armed Forces of the United Nations (see document S/641);

6. Appointment of a Governor of the Free Territory of Trieste (see documents S/641, S/660 and S/693);

7. The Egyptian Question (see document S/641);

8. The Indonesian Question (see document S/641, S/653, S/683 and S/690);

9. Voting Procedure in the Security Council (see document S/641);

10. Procedure in application of Articles 87 and 88 of the Charter with regard to the Pacific Islands under strategic trusteeship of the United States of America (see document S/641);

11. Application for Membership (see document S/641);

12. The Palestinian Question (see document S/641, S/675, S/690 and S/692);

At its two hundred any sixty-seventh meeting, the Security Council heard statements by the representatives of Lebanon and Syria.  At the two hundred and seventieth meeting, Members of the Council who had participated in the consultations of the permanent members reported to the Council on the results of their discussion.  At the two hundred and seventy-first meeting, the representative of the United States outlined the contents of a proposed resolution which would be submitted at a later date.

13. The India-Pakistan Question ((see also document S/641, S/655, S/660, S/664, S/665, S/675, S/683, S/690 and S/693);

Discussion on this item was continued at the two hundred and sixty-ninth meeting.  The representative of China introduced a draft resolution (document S/699) which resulted from his consultations with the delegations of India and Pakistan.

14. The Czechoslovakia Situation:

By letter dated 12 March 1948 (document S/694) the permanent representative of Chile to the United Nations requested that, in accordance with Article 34 of the Charter, the Security Council, "invetigate the events reported by the permanent representative of Czechoslovakia, Dr. Jan Papanek, which constitute a threat to international peace and security".  At the two hundred and sixty-eighth meeting this item was admitted to the Agenda and the representative of Chile invited to participate in the discussion, in accordance with Article 31 of the Charter.  The representative of Chile requested that, in accordance with Rule 39 of the Provisional Rules of Procedure, the Security Council should invite Dr. Jan Papanek to supply it with information.


Document symbol: S/700
Document Type: Summary record
Document Sources: Security Council
Subject: Armed conflict, Middle East situation, Peace proposals and efforts
Publication Date: 22/03/1948
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