Mideast situation – SecGen report under A/RES/41/162 A to C – Replies from Member States


Report of the Secretary-General

(in pursuance of General Assembly resolution 41/162)




Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………   2


|Original: Russian]

[13 August 1987]

1. The Ukrainian SSR is convinced that a just Middle Eastern settlement can be brought about only if the inalienable national rights of the Arab peoples, notably the Arab people of Palestine, are restored. This can be accomplished only by collective efforts, through negotiation as equals in the context of an international peace conference.

2. Despite this awareness, the acute conflict situation in the Middle East persists. Blood is still being spilt, Israel's occupation of Arab lands continues, and the tribulations of the Arabs, in particular the Palestinian people left bereft of a homeland, are multiplying. This situation is at odds with the fundamental interests of the peoples of the region and of all nations the world over, and it seriously impairs international security.

3. Legitimacy and justice must be the underpinnings of a truly stable peace in the Middle East. All the land occupied by Israel since 1967 – the Golan Heights, the West Bank of the Jordan, the Gaza Strip, the land in Lebanon and the eastern sector of Jerusalem – must be surrendered to the Arabs. The legal rights of the Arab people of Palestine to self-determination, including the right to establish their own State, must be recognized. All the States in the Middle East must be guaranteed an opportunity to live in peace within secure, acknowledged borders.

4. The Ukrainian SSR reaffirms its conviction that there exists but one way to satisfy these conditions: to convene an international conference on the Middle East under United Nations auspices, and to set up for that purpose a preparatory committee in which all five permanent members of the Security Council participate. The broad support this proposal has won among the overwhelming majority of the international community is evidence that the campaign for a just and comprehensive Middle Eastern settlement and for such a conference is entering a decisive phase.

5. The Ukrainian SSR is convinced that the principal reason for the persistence of the explosive situation in the Middle East is still the Israeli policy of expansion, in order to secure Israel's dominance in the region.

6. Accordingly, the Ukrainian SSR once again declares its whole-hearted support for the call by the General Assembly for all Member States, individually and collectively, to sever all links with Israel and leave it utterly isolated in every field; it also reaffirms that it provides Israel with no military assistance, that it neither supplies any weaponry or military equipment to Israel nor obtains any from it, that it does not collaborate with Israel economically, financially or technologically, and that it maintains with Israel no relations whatsoever.

Document symbol: A/42/465/Add.1
Document Type: Reply, Report
Document Sources: General Assembly
Country: Ukraine
Subject: Agenda Item, Golan Heights, Jerusalem, Middle East situation
Publication Date: 23/09/1987

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