15 January 1988

Algeria, Argentina, Nepal, Senegal, Yugoslavia and Zambia:
draft resolution
The Security Council,

Reaffirming its resolutions 425 (1978), 508 (1982) and 509 (1982), as well as all its resolutions on the situation in southern Lebanon,

Having heard the statement of the Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the United Nations,

Noting with grave concern the deterioration of the situation in southern Lebanon as a result of the repeated Israeli attacks and all other measures and practices against the civilian population;

Deeply concerned with the encroachment of land and setting up of fences affecting the internationally recognized boundaries, as described in the Secretary-General’s note (S/19318), annex) of 4 December 1987,

1.   Strongly deplores the repeated Israeli attacks against Lebanese territory and all other measures and practices against the civilian population;

2.   Strongly requests that Israel cease all acts of encroachment of land, construction of roads and setting up of fences that violate the border, and any attempts to occupy or change the status of Lebanese territory or to impede the return of the effective authority of the Government of Lebanon in sovereign Lebanese territory;

3.   Reaffirms its calls for strict respect for the sovereignty of Lebanon, its independence, unity and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized boundaries;

4.   Reaffirms the urgent need to implement the provisions of the Security Council resolutions on Lebanon, in particular resolutions 425 (1978) and 426 (1978), and resolution 509 (1982), which demands that Israel withdraw all its military forces forthwith and unconditionally to the internationally recognized boundaries;

5.    Requests the Secretary-General to continue consultations with the Government of Lebanon and other practices directly concerned in the implementation of resolutions 425 (1978), 426 (1978), 508 (1982) and 509 (1982) and to report thereon to the Security Council;

6.   Decides to keep the situation in southern Lebanon under review.

The Security Council on 18 January 1988 voted on the draft resolution as follows:

In favour: Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Federal Republic of, Italy, Japan, Nepal, Senegal, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Yugoslavia, Zambia.
Against: United States of America.
Absteined: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Document symbol: S/19434
Document Type: Draft resolution, Vetoed draft resolution
Document Sources: Security Council
Subject: Armed conflict, Incidents, Peace proposals and efforts
Publication Date: 15/01/1988