Mideast situation/Foreign troops in Syria and Lebanon – Vetoed draft resolution

                          Draft resolution

                   Foreign troops in Syria and Lebanon

      The Security Council

Takes note of the statements made by the four parties and by the other members of the Council;

Expresses its confidence that the foreign troops in Syria and Lebanon will be withdrawn as soon as practicable, and that negotiations to that end will be undertaken by the parties without delay; and

Requests the parties to inform it of the results of the negotiations.


The Security Council on 16 February 1946 voted on the draft resolution as follows:

In favour:

Astralia, Brazil, China,  Egypt, France, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America.


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.



Document symbol: S/PV.22
Document Type: Draft resolution, Provisional verbatim record, Vetoed draft resolution
Document Sources: Security Council
Country: Lebanon, Soviet Union, Syria
Subject: Armed conflict, Incidents, Peace proposals and efforts
Publication Date: 16/02/1946

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