India, Mali, Nigeria: joint draft resolution

The Security Council,

Expressing its continuing concern with the grave situation in the Middle East,

Recalling its resolution 233 (1967) of 6 June 1967 on the outbreak of fighting which calledfor, as a first step, an immediate cease-fire and for a cessation of all military activities in the area,

Recalling further General Assembly resolution 2256 (ES-V),

Emphasizing the urgency of reducing tensions, restoring peace and bringing about normalcy in the area,

1. Affirms that a just and lasting peace in the Middle East must be achieved within the framework of the Charter of the United Nations and more particularly of the following principles:

(i) Occupation or acquisition of territory by military conquest is inadmissible under the Charter of the United Nations and consequently Israel’s armed forces should withdraw from all the territories occupied as a result of the recent conflict;

(ii) Likewise, every State has the right to live in peace and complete security free from threats or acts of war and consequently all States in the area should terminate the state or claim of belligerency and settle their international disputes by peaceful means;

(iii) Likewise, every State of the area has the right to be secure within its borders and it is obligatory on all Member States of the area to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of one another;

2. Affirms further:

(i) There should be a just settlement of the question of Palestine refugees;

(ii) There should be guarantee of freedom of navigation in accordance with international law through international waterways in the area;

3. Requests the Secretary-General to dispatch a special representative to the area who would contact the States concerted in order to co-ordinate efforts to achieve the purposes of this resolution and to submit a report to the Council within thirty days.

* * *

Document symbol: S/8227
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Document Type: Draft resolution
Document Sources: Security Council
Country: India, Mali, Nigeria
Subject: Armed conflict, Middle East situation, Occupation, Peace proposals and efforts, Refugees and displaced persons
Publication Date: 07/11/1967