Palestinian election – SecCo Presidential statement


After consultations of the Security Council held on 22 January 1996, the President of the Council made the following statement to the media on behalf of the members of the Council:

"The members of the Security Council warmly welcome the successful holding of the Palestinian elections on 20 January 1996, which constitutes a major step forward in the Middle East Peace Process.  The members of the Council congratulate the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people on this achievement, which reflects credit on all concerned.  The members of the Council note with satisfaction the conclusion of the international observers that the elections were an accurate reflection of the wishes of the Palestinian electorate.

"The members of the Security Council consider that the holding of the elections marks a significant step towards the fulfilment of the Declaration of Principles, signed by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington on 13 September 1993.  The members of the Council reiterate their full support for the Middle East Peace Process."


Document symbol: S/PRST/1996/3
Document Type: Security Council presidential statement
Document Sources: Security Council
Subject: Self-government area/developments
Publication Date: 22/01/1996
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