Twenty-fifth session


Held at the Palais Wilson, Geneva,

on Wednesday, 22 November 2000, at 10 a.m.

Chairman: Mr. BURNS



  Discussion on the establishment of a pre-sessional working group on article 22

Discussion of the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory in the light of article 16 of the Convention

The public part of the meeting was called to order at 10 a.m.

ORGANIZATIONAL AND OTHER MATTERS (agenda item 2) (continued)

Discussion on the establishment of a pre-sessional working group on article 22

1. The CHAIRMAN introduced Ms. Lattuada, Chief of Budget, for an update on the Committee’ s request for the establishment of a pre-sessional working group to deal particularly with communications under article 22, which evidently had budgetary implications that would determine the outcome of the request.

2. Ms. LATTUADA presented an oral statement, supported by a written statement (OS/CAT/NOV/2000), in accordance with rule 25 of the Committee’s rules of procedure.

3. It would be recalled that, at its 437th meeting, held on 18 May 2000, the Committee against Torture had agreed that the establishment of a pre-sessional working group would facilitate its monitoring activities, in particular its consideration of individual communications received under article 22 of the Convention. As indicated in paragraph 20 of its annual report, contained in document A/55/44, the Committee had agreed to pursue the matter at its twenty-fifth session.

4. Should the Committee at the current session decide to pursue the establishment of the above-mentioned pre-sessional working group as from the biennium 2002-2003, that would entail: (i) the convening of a five-day session of the working group, preceding each session of the Committee, with interpretation provided in two working languages; (ii) a conference room with full facilities; (iii) a maximum of 30 pages of in-session documentation for each session; and (iv) the payment of daily subsistence allowance of four members of the Committee for a period of seven days per session.

5. A preliminary estimate of the cited requirements at full cost amounted to $178,900 for the whole biennium. That figure could be broken down into $154,300 under section 2, total conference servicing costs of four sessions of the working group (five working days each), and $24,600 under section 22, for 28 days daily subsistence of four Committee members.