At the 2010th meeting, on 26 May 1977, following the adoption of resolution 408 (1977), the President made the following statement:

"In connexion with the adoption of the resolution on the renewal of the mandate of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, I have been authorized to make the following complementary statement on behalf of the Security Council regarding the resolution just adopted:

"'As is known, the report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force states, in paragraph 31, that "the present quiet in the Israel-Syria sector should not obscure the fact that the main elements of the Middle East problem remain unresolved and that the situation in the area will continue to be unstable and dangerous unless real progress can soon be made towards a just and durable settlement of the problem in all its aspects." This statement of the Secretary-General reflects the view of the Security Council.'

"Further, I have been asked by the delegations of Benin, China and the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to say that, as they have not participated in the vote on this resolution, they take the same position with regard to the statement which I have just read out on behalf of the members of the Council."

Document symbol: S/PV.2010|S/INF/33
Document Type: Provisional verbatim record, Statement
Document Sources: Security Council
Country: Benin, China, Libya
Subject: Middle East situation, Occupation, Peace proposals and efforts, Peacekeeping
Publication Date: 26/05/1977