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Screening tools to avoid rehire of individuals whose working relationship with the organization ended because of a determination of sexual misconduct. 

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UN Protocol on the Provision of Assistance to Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

The Protocol outlines a common set of norms and standards based on existing frameworks to strengthen a coordinated, system-wide approach to the provision of assistance and support, which prioritizes the rights and dignity of victims of sexual exploitation and abuse. This approach is aligned with broader United Nations efforts to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse and takes into account established good practices to address gender-based violence.

Technical Note on the Implementation of the UN Protocol on the Provision of Assistance to Victims of SEA

To support the roll out of the Protocol, UNICEF led the development of a Technical Note that provides guidance to support victims’ rights to support and assistance, and can be considered in all operational contexts, including in humanitarian, development and UN peace operations.

UN Protocol on Allegations of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse involving Implementing Partners

The UN Protocol on Allegations of SEA involving Implementing Partners outlines requirements of the United Nations, including its funds and programmes (collectively, the “UN”), when working with implementing partners, to ensure adequate safeguards and appropriate action related to sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA). The Protocol was developed under the auspices of the UN SEA Working Group, as part of its work to strengthen a UN system-wide approach to prevention and response to SEA, with contributions from members of the IASC AAP/PSEA Task Team.

  • UN Implementing Partner PSEA Capacity Assessment 
    By promoting a common UN and IASC capacity assessment in line with the minimum standards of the United Nations Protocol on Allegations of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Involving Implementing Partners, the UN and its implementing partners will benefit from increased transparency and reduced processes. UN agencies, funds and programmes will have the necessary assurance of partners’ organizational capacities on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse with this assessment.

UN Policies

Legal frameworks for Troop and/or Police Contributing Country

To improve transparency and accountability in the handling of cases of misconduct the Secretary-General has requested that each Troop and Police Contributing Country (T/PCC) provide the legal framework applicable to its contingent and/or officers when deployed to a UN Mission.

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