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Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1540 (2004)

  Legislative Database - General Information

This database has been developed by the Committee established pursuant to UNSC Resolution 1540 (2004) for the purpose of providing additional information on the national implementation of regulations and measures related to the resolution.

The database contains links to the original texts of laws, ordinances, decrees and decisions related to activities addressed in the resolution. Where no original legal text could be identified but English or other language versions of such documents are available, these versions are included. They are marked as "unofficial translation" as far as they are not declared to be officially authorized versions.

With a few exceptions, related mostly to the English versions, all links are connected to documents that are stored on public accessible websites of governments, governmental agencies or international organizations.

The structure of the database follows operational paragraphs 2 and 3 of the resolution and the matrix developed by the Committee for the examination of the national reports.

Underlined documents in blue print are linked to websites containing the original text or respective translations. For documents printed in black, links on the Internet could not be identified. These documents are mentioned in the respective national reports. The Committee and its experts are interested in receiving any information on the availability of links to these documents.

The database will be updated regularly.

In making this database available, the Committee is neither endorsing any of its contents, nor suggesting that any specific text herein represents a sufficient or comprehensive model for implementing the provisions of UNSC Resolution 1540. Certain texts, ordinances, decrees or decisions herein may correspond more fully to the provisions of UNSC Resolution 1540 than others. States seeking to adopt and implement legislation and regulations to implement fully the provisions of UNSC Resolution 1540 should rely on the contents of this database for information and background only.

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