1540 Committee
Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1540 (2004)

  Offers of Assistance

The Security Council recognizes that some States may require assistance in implementing resolution 1540 (2004). In the resolution’s operative paragraph 7, the Security Council invites States in a position to do so to offer assistance, as appropriate. Additionally, the Security Council recognised in resolution 1810 (2008) (paragraph 5), that assistance may also be provided by international, regional and subregional organizations.

Such assistance would be in response to specific requests by States lacking the legal and regulatory infrastructure, implementation experience and/or resources for fulfilling provisions of resolution 1540 (2004). Assistance provided under resolution 1540 can also be part of traditional security or development-related assistance by adding a dimension of resolution 1540.

Resolution 1810 also encourages the 1540 Committee to facilitate “matching” of specific requests from Member States with offers from other States and relevant organizations. States seeking assistance, therefore, can do so through by contacting the 1540 Committee or through,inter alia, their existing aid and related channels with other States or international organizations.

In October 2010, the 1540 Committee adopted revised assistance procedures to rationalize, improve and accelerate response to assistance requests and facilitate match-making. This process is elaborated on the main assistance webpage. This webpage also contains the lists of States and international organizations, as well as programmes, which have offered assistance. As at 7 April 2011, 46 States and 12 international organisations have their assistance programmes available on the website. Resolution 1810 encourages them to inform the 1540 Committee of the areas in which they are able to provide assistance, as well as a point of contact. States seeking assistance can review these websites for initial options available to fulfil their requests.

The 1540 Committee, in its clearinghouse capacity, welcomes that States report to the 1540 Committee when assistance has been delivered or received to meet requirements of resolution 1540 (2004). Communications can be addressed to the 1540 Committee Chairman and sent to:

Secretariat of the 1540 Committee,
Attention: Chair, 1540 Committee
2 United Nations Plaza, Room DC2-2046
United Nations, New York, NY 10017
Fax: 212-963-1300
Email: sc-1540-Committee@un.org

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