1540 Committee
Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1540 (2004)

  Assistance Template

Member States may submit requests for assistance to the 1540 Committee. The Committee made available an assistance template and encourages States in need of assistance to use the template to submit their assistance requests (link to template). Resolution 2325 (2016) encourages States to provide the Committee with specific details of their assistance needs. To support this aim the Committee revised its assistance template, which was in use since 2007, in April 2017. The revised assistance template contributes to strengthening the Committee’s matchmaking efforts. Its more user-friendly layout is designed to enable States to provide focused and accurate information on their assistance needs supporting its wider use and the receipt of more assistance offers from potential assistance providers.

Requests for assistance should be presented to the Committee by sending a Note Verbale to the Chair of the Committee through the requesting State’s Permanent Mission accredited to the United Nations in New York. Although States are encouraged to make use of the attached template they can choose to only send an explanatory memorandum outlining their assistance needs.

If assistance is required in more than one subject area States are encouraged to complete a template for each. The Group of Experts, supporting the work of the Committee, can be contacted for further information or to obtain clarifications on assistance through email at 1540experts@un.org.

All correspondence related to the submission of requests for assistance should be addressed to the Chair of 1540 Committee and sent to the address below:

Secretariat of the 1540 Committee,
Attention: Chair, 1540 Committee
2 United Nations Plaza, Room DC2-2022
United Nations, New York, NY 10017
Fax: +1-212-963-1300
Email: sc-1540-Committee@un.org

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