1540 Committee
Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1540 (2004)

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Resolution 1540 (2004) recognizes that some States may require assistance in implementing the provisions of the resolution and invites States in a position to do so to offer assistance, as appropriate, in response to specific requests from States. In Operative Paragraph (OP) 5 of the Resolution 1810 (2008), the Security Council encourages States to convey assistance requests to the Committee. In Operative Paragraph (OP) 7, the Security Council encourages States that have requests for assistance to convey them to the 1540 Committee, and encourages them to make use of the Committee’s assistance template to that effect.

Resolution 2325 (2016) emphasizes the importance of providing States, in response to their requests, with effective assistance that meets their needs. The 1540 Committee itself does not provide assistance but has a match-making role to facilitate assistance by others for implementation of the resolution. The Committee matches assistance requests from States with offers from States or international, regional or subregional organisations in a position to provide assistance (see Resolution 1810 (2008) ). One aspect of the match making function is to provide information from which assistance projects can be developed and successfully implemented. In this regard, the 1540 Committee posts on its website:

The lists of potential assistance providers are updated periodically by the 1540 Committee at the recommendation of the Committee’s Working Group on Assistance.

Assistance requests can be submitted to the Committee in various forms. They can be sent formally to the 1540 Committee; for example, in a national reporting or simply by Note Verbale addressed to the Chair of the 1540 Committee. In any such case, States are encouraged to use the existing assistance template when submitting their assistance requests. The 1540 Committee has adopted procedures to respond to assistance requests and facilitate match-making. This process includes:

  • Authenticating a request;
  • Acknowledging receipt of the request;
  • Distributing the request to potential assistance providers;
  • Posting a summary of the request on the 1540 Committee website, with the consent of the requesting state;
  • The 1540 Committee Experts conducting informal ‘match-making’.

The 1540 Committee also adopted procedures to response to offers of assistance: This process includes:

  • Circulating to the Committee Members offers of assistance regarding a specific request; and
  • Informing requesting States of such offers and asking them to inform the Committee and the assistance provider if they intend to take up the offer.
  • If the offer is taken up ask the receiving s\State and the provider to report on progress and completion of the assistance

Another dimension of a clearinghouse function is a reporting process on what assistance has been delivered to meet assistance needs. Such reporting to date has included submissions to the 1540 Committee by States which have provided or delivered assistance in various areas.

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