Objective, scope and purpose of the evaluation

The overall objective of the independent evaluation will be to assess the contribution and value added of the "Delivering as One" approach.  With the use of the criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability, the independent evaluation will draw lessons learned from the pilots that are significant for the UN system as a whole.

The evaluation will assess processes and results achieved through the voluntary and unique "Delivering as One" initiatives in each of the the eight pilot countries (Albania, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uruguay and Viet Nam). The outcomes of country-led evaluations conducted in 2010 will be duly taken into consideration.

Additionally, the evaluation will cover systemic issues of UN reform related to or triggered by the "Delivering as One" approach at headquarters and regional levels, e.g. the Delivering as One Expanded Funding Window, the Management and Accountability System of the UNDG, joint programming and dealing with cross-cutting issues, e.g. the gender equality and women's empowerment dimension, as well as simplification and harmonization of business practices.

The ultimate purpose of the independent evaluation is to inform the Quadriennial Comprehensive Policy Review on Operational Activities for Development of the United Nations system (QCPR) during the fall of 2012 as well as other inter-governmental processes concerning system-wide coherence.

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