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Telecommuting tips

(adapted from osce.org)

  1. Help yourself maintain focus
    • Designate a particular area of the home to be your work area. When it is time to “leave work,” leave your materials there.
    • Understand your regular “work rhythms” by scheduling more complex tasks for when you are most alert.
  2. Remain visible
    • Set up regular checkpoints with teammates and supervisor so you can update others on your current tasks and progress.
    • At the end of the day, inform relevant stakeholders what you have accomplished and provide timelines .
  3. General well-being
    • Start work on time and finish on time by creating clear boundaries between work and life as much as possible.
    • Set alarms to remind you to take breaks. Don’t fall into trap of being “overproductive” just because there are no distractions.
    • Be mindful of your workspace, audio setup, and desk and chair comfort which can affect your posture and productivity.
    • You may choose to wear work clothes or work shoes to trigger your brain to differentiate between work time and home time.