COVID-19 Vaccination

UN Personnel Resources

Why Get Vaccinated?

FACT SHEET - COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for UN Personnel

WHO: The COVID-19 Vaccine Explained (Manufacturing, Safety, Effects, Administration, Effectiveness, etc)

The following FAQs were developed to keep you informed concerning the UN’s COVID-19 vaccination strategy for UN and related personnel, which is based on the universal principle of fair and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines for all people around the world, including UN personnel: 

COVID-19 Vaccines Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Resources on the UN Intranet-iSeek (login required)

UN Country Teams and Mission Resources

List of Participating Entities

Considerations and Recommendations on COVID-19 Vaccination (v4)

Local Vaccine Deployment Coordinators

Local Vaccine Deployment Plan (template in MS-Word)

Guidance on Local Vaccine Deployment

Occupational Risk Groups Prioritization

Country Prioritization Model

Vaccination Effort Framework

Vaccination Eligibility

COVID-19 Vaccination Administration Process for Members of Military Contingents and Formed Police Units

Recommendations for Management of Vaccine Surplus

UN Healthcare Worker Resources

Interim Guidelines: Diagnosis and Management of Vaccine-Induced Prothrombotic Immune Thrombocytopenia (VIPIT) following AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccinations

Manufacturer’s Information Leaflet for Patients Receiving COVISHIELD Vaccine

Vaccination Skills Checklist for the Individual Health Care Worker

Management of potential anaphylaxis after COVID-19 Vaccination

Vaccine checklist for frontline health care workers who are planning a COVID-19 vaccination session

POSTER for download: How to Monitor & Report Adverse Reactions

How to Setup a Vaccine Clinic March 2021

IPC Guidance for COVID 19 Vaccination Activities March 2021

DHMOSH Video Training on HCW Vaccination Skills and Management of Anaphylaxis Post-COVID-19 Vaccination


WHO Resources

The Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: what you need to know

Aide-memoire - Infection prevention and control (IPC) principles and procedures for COVID-19 vaccination activities

COVID-19 vaccination training for health workers package developed for frontline health workers

WHO Digital Update

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Guidance on INGOs

Inclusion of INGO Personnel through Sponsorship Arrangements with UN Organizations

Sample Draft Agreement (Word)

Process Outline

UN Master Template Sample - Guidelines (Excel)

UN Master Template Sample (Excel)

Communication Resources

  • Poster: Protect Yourself & The Community (Web | Print)
  • Poster: Face Covering Required (Web | Print)
  • Poster: Maintain Three Feet of Distance (Web | Print)
  • Poster: Maintain Six Feet of Distance (Web | Print)
  • Poster: Back to Normal (Web | Print)