We simply cannot return to where we were before COVID-19 struck, with societies unnecessarily vulnerable to crisis. We need to build a better world.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres (2 April 2020)

About the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Trust Fund - #RecoverBetterTogether

Speed, Scale and Solidarity: Join the Global Action

The pandemic moved fast. The response needs to move faster. The United Nations Secretary-General’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Trust Fund brings the power and speed and reach of the United Nations to countries and people in need. Six weeks after its inception in April, the Fund through its first call released USD 45 million to 47 countries to fight the health and development emergencies caused by the pandemic.

We are facing a global development emergency both in scale and scope unlike any other in recent history. The pandemic threatens to roll back progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, putting the 'world we want' further out of reach. Inequality and poverty are on the rise, and countries of all income levels are scrambling to protect vulnerable people from the health, social and economic shocks the pandemic has caused.

The Fund targets its protection to the poor and the vulnerable and offers innovative solutions that chart a more sustainable, more inclusive future for all. The fund supports the UN framework for the immediate socio-economic response to COVID-19.

Now "more than ever" is the time to invest in multilateralism. If we stand together, we will rise together. We will recover better together.

Recover Better Together Action Forum (26 June 2020)

The “Recover Better Together” Action Forum on 26 June 2020 (by invitation only) will help catalyze the partnerships and finance the Recover Better Fund needs to make lasting change. It will also support the Fund as it builds on its first round of investments, which is procuring lifesaving equipment and medical supplies, protecting women and children, and supporting frontline workers.

The Fund has helped expand the reach of social safety nets and close the digital divide; and it has built infrastructure, including for water and sanitation, to support both immediate response and longer-term resiliency in countries around the world.

View a short summary of this first round of country investments.

COVID-19 and Gender Monitor

Gender Monitor Gender must be integrated in COVID-19 response plans, not only to achieve better outcomes for women and girls, but to build stronger and more resilient economies and societies for everyone. Hosted on UN Women’s Data Hub, this dashboard is a compilation of indicators that will inform gender-responsive policy action on COVID-19. It is an inter-agency collaboration that has benefitted from the inputs of ILO, ITU, UNCTAD, UNDP, UN-Habitat, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNODC, UN Women, WFP, WHO and many others.

Your donation is administered by the UN Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization registered in the United States (EIN/tax ID number: 58-2368165). Your donations are fully tax-deductible in the United States to the extent allowable by law.



Watch the video messages and stories shared during the Forum on 26 June 2020.

Where we fund


How we fund


health icon showing snake WINDOW 1: Enable Governments and Communities to suppress the transmission of the virus
  • Support countries to fully implement their National Plans for Combating COVID-19, helping them to close critical gaps, for example, pertaining to limiting transmission, the acquisition of essential equipment and supplies, scaling up country preparedness and response operations, and the payment of salaries and incentives to their healthcare and social workforce; and
  • Assist non-health ministries and government agencies (such as the ministries of education, agriculture, women’s empowerment, transport, interior, labour, social welfare, and public services), along with local governments, to maintain situation rooms and to provide critical services interrupted by COVID-19.
health icon showing snake WINDOW 2: Mitigate the Socioeconomic Impact and safeguard people and their livelihoods
  • Enhance social protection mechanisms through immediate impact measures; scale-up cash transfers, insurance, food security, asset creation, and safety nets; and relieve the disproportionate burden of COVID-19 on women and children;
  • Meet children’s food and educational needs through school meal programmes and access to learning;
  • Promote digital innovations that boost employment, support livelihoods, and improve the provision of social services in line with COVID-19 response measures.
icon indicating connection WINDOW 3: Recover Better
  • Strengthen and test national preparedness measures, inclusive of: integrated disease surveillance and response and community-based surveillance; maintenance of key services and a health-care workforce during crises; laboratory capacity; public procurement protocols and logistics; clear and targeted communications; cross-border collaboration; and national plans that include dedicated budget lines for funding preparedness;
  • Invest in effective and innovative delivery of public services to achieve sustainable and inclusive economies that leave no-one behind and safeguard country SDG programmes from COVID-19-related setbacks.