Towards a resilience-building framework for monitoring countries graduating and graduated from the Least Developed Country category

CDP Background Paper No. 51

By Djalita Fialho and Namsuk Kim

This paper provides conceptual inputs on a potential bi-modal monitoring framework for the Least Developed Country (LDC) category. The focus is on discussing its general aspects, in order to help build, among key stakeholders, a common understanding of the general direction such an initiative might take. It intends to help move discourse (and practices) from (reactive) ‘crisis management’ to (proactive) ‘resilience management’, representing a change in perspective likely to help move the process of LDC monitoring forward in a meaningful manner, qualifying the contribution that the CDP might provide in this regard. With an improved framework, vulnerable countries will be able to preventively create and put in place contextualized mitigation and adaptation measures that increase their productive capacity and resilience, and help them create the necessary conditions to promote sustainable development
and lessen the impacts of crises.

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