Procurement Manual

The United Nations Financial Regulations and Rules, as promulgated by Secretary-General's Bulletin ST/SGB/2013/4 dated 1 July 2013, govern the procurement functions of the United Nations with the Delegation of authority in the administration of the Staff Regulations and Rules and the Financial Regulations and Rules governed ST/SGB/2019/2 dated 17 December 2018.

The Procurement Manual is intended to provide operational guidance on procurement policies and procedures to all staff members involved in the various stages of the procurement actions conducted by the UN in all offices and all locations, and is not intended to be exhaustive. 

In view of constant changing procurement practices and technology, the Procurement Manual is subject to periodic updating and refinement by the Organization, as and when necessary. 

The United Nations reserves the right to make exceptions to the provisions contained in the Procurement Manual, if and when necessary, and in the best interests of the Organization. 

Please find below a link to the Procurement Manual (additional languages to be added in due course).

 Procurement Manual – English (PDF format)