Registration - Pre-requisites for doing business with the UN

The United Nations only awards contracts for long term air charter requirements and short term passenger movements to actual air operators in a possession of an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) authorising them to conduct the type of operations in the designated region and with all types of aircraft, which they intend to offer for United Nations contracts. Prospective contractors for United Nations aircraft charter services are required to demonstrate their ability to comply with the requirements of the United Nations and have sufficient financial resources to conduct safe operations. Registration to be considered for the provision of air transportation services to the United Nations (UN) in support of its peacekeeping missions around the world is a two-step process, consisting of both a technical and commercial application.

For each application the UN Procurement Division will conduct the commercial evaluation. The commercial evaluation is through the online UNGM process and air operators must register at Level 2. The Department of Field Support (DFS) will conduct the technical evaluation of each vendor to determine a potential contractor’s capabilities to perform the services required before any award of contract. For the technical evaluation, all documents must be provided in hard copy as "Certified True Copy" by the Authorities of Civil Aviation or other appropriate authority and in soft-copy on CD-ROM / flash drives delivered to the following address:

United Nations
Procurement Division
Vendor Registration and Management Team
1 United Nations Plaza, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017 USA

Latest updates on technical specifications and other requirements

  • Updated 16 Jun 2016 - Air Transportation Companies under long term charter are required to have an active compliant aircraft-tracking unit that transmits real-time automatic geospatial tracking flight data with event logging capabilities to the United Nations Aviation Global Satellite Tracking Service provider Skytrac Systems Ltd.  Please review the attached document for a detailed description of the requirement.
  • Air Transportation Companies operating helicopters must have Enhance Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS), also known as the Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) installed on their rotary wing aircraft. Kindly refer to the attached document for further guidance and United Nations requirements  HTAWS Specifications.


Transition from ITB to RFP for long term air charter requirements

Information on the UN's assessment of Commercial Airlines participating in scheduled commercial flights can be found on this Frequently Asked Questions page.