UN Procurement Division

For general enquiries, please use the following contact details:

    1 United Nations Plaza, 15th Floor
    New York, NY 10017
    General Info.: +1-212-963-6249
    Fax No.: +1-212-963-9858

For specific enquiries, companies are encouraged to contact the relevant Services/Sections listed below:

Office of the Director

Mr. Dmitri Dovgopoly, Director

Policy and Compliance Monitoring Section (PCMS)

Ms. Jennifer Branche, Chief
Tel: +1-917-367-8295

Field Procurement Service

Ms. Soomi Ro, Chief
For Inquiries: Tel: +1-917-367-5446

Logistics & Transportation Section (LTS)

Mr. Joscha Kremers, Chief
Tel: +1-917-367-9335

  • Long Term Air Charter Team - Long Term Charter of Fixed wing & Rotary Aircraft, and Related Services
  • Strategic Movements Team - Movement of UN Contingents, Cargo by Sea, Air & Land
  • Freight Forwarding Team - Movement of UN Owned Equipment (UNOE) by Sea, Air & Land and Associated Services

Peacekeeping Procurement Section (PPS)

Mr. Miguel Alvarez, Chief
Tel: +1-917-367-2243

  • Field Supply Team - Fuel and associated services and products, Food Rations, Medical equipment and services, pharmaceuticals, security equipment, accoutrements, furniture, containers and general supply items.
  • Engineering Support Team - Prefabricated Buildings, Generators, Bridges, Engineering Support, Barbed, Binding & Concertina Wire, Gabions, Sandbags, Timber & Plywood, Water Treatment, Electrical Supplies
  • Vehicles Team- Vehicles, Trucks, Transport Support & related construction equipment, and Related Services

Communications & IT Section (CITS)

Mr. Greg Kuchler, Chief
Tel: +1-212-963-1082

Umoja Team

Regional Procurement Office (RPO) - Entebbe

Mr. Balakrishnan Amirthalingam, Chief
Address: Regional Procurement Office
UN Entebbe Support Base
Buku Road, Old Airport Entebbe
PO Box 710 
Entebbe, Uganda
Tel: +256-757-708-537
Ext: 198-4185

Headquarters Procurement and Support Service

Mr. Kiyohiro Mitsui, Chief
For Inquiries: Tel: +1-212-963-3502

Procurement Management Section (PMS)

Mr. Willem Tahon, Chief 
Tel: +1-917-367-5813

Corporate Procurement Section (CPS)

Ms. Natalia Nedel, Chief
Tel: +1-917-367-5163

  • HQ Supply and Procurement Coordination Team - Furniture, Office Supplies, Paper, Printing, Training & Advertisements
  • Management Services Team - DESA Projects, Regional Commission, Tribunals
  • Infrastructure Support Team - Construction Works, Architectural Engineering, FMD & Commercial Activities, Real Estate Rental/Lease, Cleaning Service, Security, Medical
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