UN Procurement Division

For general enquiries, please use the following contact details:

    405 East 42nd Street
    New York, NY 10017
    General Info.: +1-212-963-1127
    Fax No.: +1-212-963-9858

For specific enquiries, companies are encouraged to contact the relevant Services/Sections listed below:

Office of the Director

Ms. Neris M. Baez Garcia de Mazzora, Director

Global Procurement Support Section (GPSS) - Entebbe

Mr. Balakrishnan Amirthalingam, Chief 
Address: Regional Procurement Office 
UN Entebbe Support Base
Buku Road, Old Airport Entebbe
PO Box 710
Entebbe, Uganda 

Tel: +256-757-708-537
Ext: 198-4185

Technology and Infrastructure Support Service

Vacant: Chief, Technology and Infrastructure Support Service

Management Services Communications Technology Section (MSCTS)

Mr. Greg Kuchler, Chief
Tel: +1-212-963-1082

  • Communications & Technology Team - Communications Devices; Communications and Data Network equipment; Computer equipment; Printing equipment; Software; Application Management and Storage; Cloud Computing
  • Managed Services Team - Consulting Services; Financial Services; Subscription Services; Translation Services; Travel and Event Services; Training Services; and other Professional Services

Facilities, Construction & Security Section (FCSS)

Ms. Nargiza Asanbaeva, Chief
Tel: +1-917-367-8178

  • Security Team  - Armed & unarmed security services, Specialized services (e.g. detection & clearing of mines, ammunition disposal), Body Armor, Weapons & Ammunition, PPE, Staff Equipment & Uniforms & Accouterments, Surveillance Equipment & Systems, Facility Access Control Systems, Screening/Inspection Equipment & Systems (no IT), Mortar Detection and others

  • Engineering & Infrastructure Team - Modular prefabricated structures, tentage, specialty structures (kitchens, workshops, warehouses, medical and communication facilities), Power generation including conventional generators, renewable energy, Hybrid power generators, solar panels and lighting equipment. APC power supplies, surge protection and power distribution devices.  A/C units, Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants, Drinking water treatment systems, Waste removal and recycling services, Furniture including office and dormitory furniture, linens and camp cots
  • Facilities & Construction Team - Engineering (Design, Architectural) Services, Construction & Commissioning Services, Construction Materials, Specialised  Operation & Maintenance Services (e.g. Mechanical, Electrical, Fire-safety), General Operation & Maintenance Services (e.g. Janitorial, Cleaning, Landscaping/Gardening), Utility Services (e.g. Electricity, Gas, Water), other Support Services (e.g. Concierge/Reception/Elevator Staff, Storage/Archiving), Office/Building Leases, Land Leases, Real Estate Consultancy Services, Perimeter Construction Goods and Services (e.g. gates, barriers), Shelters, Overhead/Blast Protection, Observation Towers, Weapons/Ammunition/Explosives Storage


Transportation & Life Support Service

Mr. Kiyohiro Mitsui, Chief
For Inquiries: Tel: +1-212-963-3502

Aviation Transportation & Logistics Section (ATLS)

Mr. Joscha Kremers, Chief
Tel: +1-917-367-9335

  • Aviation Team - Short & Long Term Passenger Air Charter; Short Term Passenger LOAs; Standby Air Charter capacity; Long Term Cargo Air Charter; Airborne ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) solutions and Aerial Photography; Aviation management solutions; Military Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft
  • Vehicles Team - Passenger Vehicles; Armored Vehicles; Rapid Intervention Vehicles; Trucks; Material Handling Equipment; Airport Ground Handling Equipment; Heavy Engineering/Construction Equipment
  • Freight Forwarding Team - Short Term Air Cargo Charter; Short Term Cargo LOAs; Sea Charter; Multimodal Freight Forwarding; Cold Chain Freight Forwarding; Freight Support services & supplies; Courier, Parcel, Pouch services

Operational Sustainment & Healthcare Section (OSHS)

Mr. Miguel Alvarez, Chief
Tel: +1-917-367-2243

  • Fuel Team - Aviation Fuel, Ground Fuel, turn-key delivery services of fuel including strategic reserves, printing services, other corporate support services
  • Healthcare Team - medical and dental equipment and supplies, pharmaceuticals, medical personnel services including aero-medical evacuation teams, hospital services, office supplies
  • Food Team - Food Rations, Meals Ready-to-Eat, Catering, PX and other stores, income generating contracts
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