Request for Information

A Request for Information (RFI) is intended to provide information to all vendors of potential future requirements for goods/services for the United Nations Procurement Division. The RFI will request written information about the capabilities of vendors and prepare interested parties for participation in future solicitations.

The publication of an RFI notice does not oblige the United Nations Procurement Division to make the purchases referred to in the RFI.





RFI No. Title Commodity Group Start Date Expiry Date RFI Details
RFIUNPD19798 Supply Chain Control Tower End User Technology & Applications 11 May 2022 30 June 2022 Link Express Interest
RFIUNPD19626 Provision of a Portfolio Risk Analysis and Performance Attribution System (the %u201cPRA System%u201d), wh ... Professional Services 30 March 2022 15 June 2022 Link Express Interest
RFIUNON19844 Provision of Staff Bus Services for Staff Transportation Vehicle Fleet 26 May 2022 08 June 2022 Link Express Interest
RFIUNPD19842 Invoice Processing Software End User Technology & Applications 25 May 2022 03 June 2022 Link Express Interest
RFIUNVMC19780 Provision of Domestic Freight by Road and Related Services within Colombia, in Support of UNVMC. Freight Forwarding (FF) & Third-Party Logistics (3PL) 05 May 2022 26 May 2022 Link Express Interest
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