Training Opportunity to Representatives of Member States

To increase and diversify the Organization’s vendor portfolio, the Enabling and Outreach Service of the Office of Supply Chain Management Classroom Trainingoffers training and briefing sessions to representatives of Member States, chambers of commerce, governmental trade entities, and foreign ministry personnel on the following topics:

  • ‘How to do business with the UN’ training provides an overview of the UN areas of operation, procurement principles, tender process/workflows, and a possibility to share current and upcoming business opportunities with the United Nations. 
  • ‘How to register in the United Nations Global Marketplace’ - includes United Nations vendor registration platform, requirements, criteria, and processes. The training aims to build capacity among representatives of member states to provide assistance to suppliers’ wishing to be registered in the UNGM. 
  • ‘How to access procurement related information in the United Nations’ - participants learn how to navigate and find UN procurement-related information, such as annual statistics, reference materials, business seminars, training opportunities and related contact information that are available on the Procurement Division’s and/or UNGM websites.

These training and briefing sessions are aimed at educating and enabling representatives of member states so that they can, in turn, support the vendor community from their respective countries to participate in the United Nations procurement activities.

These events are offered at no cost and will include speakers and trainers from the Enabling and Outreach Service and United Nations Procurement Division.

To request training please contact the Vendor Registration and Outreach Team at (, who will set up a meeting to discuss your training needs.