UN Palestine Commission – Checklist of tasks, transfer of administration of Palestine, substantial immigration – Working paper



(Working Paper Prepared by the Secretariat)

A. Major Tasks Confronting the Commission

The Resolution of the General Assembly on the Palestinian question poses for the Commission the following tasks among others, which may be classified as indicated below:

I. Administrative and Legal, including

(a) Planning in conjunction with the Mandatory Power the transfer of the Administration of Palestine from the Mandatory Power to the Commission and eventually to the two States and to the City of Jerusalem.
(b) Effecting the same transfer and assisting in the setting up of the two States and the City.
(c) Co-ordinating the operation of the two Provisional Councils of Government. This item would involve questions relating to the administration of justice, prisons, municipal law-in-force, establishment and supervision of administrative organs of control and local, government, electoral laws, supervision of elections, citizenship.

II. Economic and Financial, including

(a) The establishment of the Economic Union and the Joint Economic Board by the Preparatory Economic Commission.
(b) The preparation of the draft undertaking regarding Economic Union and Freedom of Transit.
(c) The maintenance of essential economic services in the transitional period before the States and the Economic Union are fully functioning.
(d) Allocation and distribution of assets.

III. Security, including

(a) Political and military control over militia in each of the States, including selection of the high command.
(b) Questions of public order,

IV. Boundaries, including

The definition and establishment of boundaries.

V. Social Cultural and Religious, including

(a) The maintenance of adequate standards of public health and education.
(b) The protection of Holy Places,

VI. Preparation for Application of United Nations Statute for City of Jerusalem

B. Significant Dates in the Resolution

The Assembly Resolution sets forth the following significant dates:

1 February 1948:

Mandatory Power to use its best endeavours to ensure the evacuation not later than this date of an area situated in the territory of the Jewish State, including a seaport and hinterland, adequate to provide facilities for substantial immigration.

9 February 1948:

First periodic monthly progress report to be submitted to the Security Council.

1 April 1948:

Security Council to be notified and to take such action as it may doom proper, if by this date a Provisional Council of Government cannot be selected per either of the States, or if selected, cannot carry out its functions; the Secretary-General also to be notified of such situation for communication to the Members of the United Nations.
The Undertaking with respect to Economic Union and Transit to be put into focus by the Commission if the Provisional Councils of Government have not entered into it by this date.

1 May 1948:

Deadline for approval by Trusteeship Council of detailed statute of the City of Jerusalem

1 August 1948:

Ultimate date for termination of the Mandate and for the withdrawal of the armed forces of the Mandatory Power.

1 October 1948:

Ultimate date for establishment of independent Arab and Jewish States and the international regime for the City of Jerusalem.


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