26 April 1948


Communication Received from United Kingdom

Delegation Concerning Haifa Situation

The following communication, containing additional information on the situation in Haifa, has been received from Mr. Fletcher-Cooke of the United Kingdom Delegation.


Empire State Building, New York 1, N.Y.


23rd April, 1948


My dear Bunche,

In continuation of the letter to the 22nd April, the following additional information was included in the Second Report on the situation in Haifa just received from Jerusalem.

(1) After the release of prisoners from Haifa lock-up, the Arab Legion took altar the building same time later.

(2) By 1015 hours, Arab casualties had been admitted to the Amin Hospital.

(3) Hospital staff and casualties were then evacuated to the Government Hospital, Haifa.

(4) Towards midday, the fighting slackened considerably. The Jews bad complete control of the Khamra Square and Stanton Street area and were firing from their positions into the Suq (market) eras. The have also appeared in strength in the eastern quarter or the town from Wadi Rushmiyah Bridge to Tel Aviv.

(5) Arab women, children and others were still being evacuated from the Suq area through the port of Haifa and other safe areas.

(6) Arabs were by this time suing for a truce and the Jews had replied that they were prepared to consider it if the Arabs stopped shooting.

(7) At 5.0 p.m., general Arab resistance had ceased in the eastern area with the exception of a few isolated spots and the Jews were in possession of the Suq as far as the Eastern Gate.

(8) In the Wadi Misnar area the battle was still going on. Arab casualties in this area are believed to be considerable.

(9) At 6.0 p.m., Arab leaders met to consider final terms laid down at a joint meeting of Arabs and Jews.

Yours sincerely,

J. Fletcher-Cooke (signed)

Dr. Ralph J. Bunche,

Principal Secretary to the United Nations

Commission on Palestine, Lake Success.