Statement by the Government of Chile recognizing the State of Palestine – Non/UN document

Statement by the Government of Chile recognizing the State of Palestine

1. The State of Chile has permanently and consistently supported the right of the Palestinian people to constitute as an independent State, coexisting in peace with the State of Israel. Likewise, it has fully endorsed the right of the State of Israel to exist within safe and internationally recognized borders.


2. To achieve these objectives, the Government of Chile strongly supports and deems it essential to reinvigorate the process of negotiations between both parties, with the support of the International Community, in order to reach a full, definitive and satisfactory peace agreement, in accordance with the Resolutions adopted by the United Nations Organization.


3. In this context, the Government of Chile has decided today to grant its recognition to the existence of the State of Palestine as a free, independent and sovereign State.


4. In addition, the Government of Chile reports that in the month of March, President Sebastián Piñera will visit Israel and Palestine, to ratify his support to negotiations aimed at achieving, as soon as possible, an agreement between both States and strengthening the friendship and cooperation ties between Chile and the States of Israel and Palestine.


5. The Government of Chile avails itself of this opportunity to express a special acknowledgment to the Jewish and Palestinian communities in Chile, for their valuable contribution to the country's social, cultural, political and economic development over many decades and for their full integration to our society. Their fraternal coexistence has been a clear example of good relations that we hope will serve as an inspiration for the States of Israel and Palestine.

Santiago, 7th January 2011


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