Gender and Youth Promotion Initiatives

About GPI and YPI

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Peacebuilding Fund’s (PBF) Gender and Youth Promotion Initiatives (GYPI) are expressions of the Fund’s commitment to inclusive peacebuilding. The initiatives support the empowerment of women and the advancement of gender equality and recognizes the important and positive role young people play in peacebuilding. 

Through the Gender Promotion Initiative (GPI) the PBF seeks to increase support focused on gender equality and women’s empowerment and advance the implementation of the Secretary General’s Seven-Point Action Plan on Gender-Responsive Peacebuilding, Security Council resolution 1325 (2000) and subsequent resolutions on Women, Peace and Security. The Youth Promotion Initiative (YPI) seeks to increase support to young people’s contribution to peacebuilding and to advance the implementation of Security Council resolution 2250 (2015)  and subsequent resolutions on Youth, Peace and Security. #GYPI2022 #Youth4Peace 

Who is Eligible to Apply?

The GPI and YPI calls for proposals from both civil society organizations (CSOs) as well as from UN agencies, funds and programs, in PBF eligible countries. 

Eligible Countries in 2022

 Burkina Faso                Burundi                      Cameroun               Central African Republic                           
 Chad  Colombia        Democratic Republic of the Congo  El Salvador   
 The Gambia (Only YPI)                                                    Guatemala (Only YPI)                                Guinea               Guinea-Bissau                             
 Haiti (Only YPI)                 Honduras               Kyrgyzstan                           Liberia                     
 Madagascar  Mali                        Mauritania                                    Niger (Only YPI)    
 Papua New Guinea                 Sierra Leone                             Solomon Islands                                     Somalia                  
 Sudan           South Sudan                                    


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​​​​​​​   Process and Criteria

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Results of the 2021 GYPI

This year a total of 38 GYPI projects totaling $51,5 million were approved, this is a record sum as well as a record number of projects for the GYPI. Please find the overview of the projects here

Gender Promotion Initiative 2022

This year the Gender Promotion Initiative is seeking proposals on: 

Supporting women’s civil society organizations, groups and networks in strengthening their institutional capacity for sustainable contribution to peacebuilding 

Youth Promotion Initiative 2022

This year the Youth Promotion Initiative is seeking proposals on: 

1) Fostering youth-inclusive political processes and
     promoting the political participation of diverse young people 

2) Promoting safety, security, and protection of diverse young people   

3) Combination of theme 1 and 2 

Types of Proposals

The GPI and YPI welcomes proposals from both civil society organizations (CSOs) and UN agencies, funds and programs. All applicants interested in applying  are advised to reach out to the PBF Secretariat in the project country for guidance. The GPI and YPI are open to three types of project proposals: 

  1. Joint UN proposals: with up to three UN entities as direct fund recipients (to be submitted by the convening UN recipient after receiving the endorsement from the UN Resident Coordinator) 

  1. Joint UN-CSO proposals: with up to two UN entities and one CSO as direct fund recipients (to be submitted by the convening UN recipient after receiving the endorsement from the UN Resident Coordinator) 

  1. CSO proposals: with one CSO as direct fund recipient (to be submitted by the CSO independently). 


   STAGE 1 

Call for applications and launch  

Early April 2022 

Webinar: Introducing GPI and YPI 2022 and Q&A 

18-19 April 2022 

Webinar: YPI 

 09 May 2022  

Webinar: GPI 

 10 May 2022 

Opening of the online application platform 

 24 May 2022 

Deadline for online submission concept notes 

6 June 2022 

Communication of first stage results 

July 2022 


Deadline for submission of drafts for feedback 

26 August 2022 

Deadline for submission of full project proposals 

7 October 2022 

Communication of second stage results  

November 2022 

Disbursement of funds 

December 2022/ January 2023 

Results of stage 1 have been announced

The results of stage 1 have now been announced, after receiving a records of 444 concept notes, a total of 46 have been selected to develop full project proposals.