Programme of Work

                                                                 Provisional annual workplan of the Peacebuilding Commission 2021

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The present workplan is prepared pursuant to recommendation 4.I of the annex to the annual report of the Peacebuilding Commission, which asks the Commission to adopt an annual workplan based on the forward agenda contained in the Commission’s annual report.



  1. Implementation of the resolutions on the peacebuilding architecture


  • The PBC will continue to pursue country-specific, regional, and cross-cutting engagements in accordance with its mandate, including by further enhancing its support to recovery efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic with a view to building back better. In particular, the PBC will:

    • Bring attention to and support the peacebuilding needs and priorities of countries under its consideration, in line with national ownership;
    • Promote an integrated, strategic, and coherent approach to peacebuilding, noting that security, development, and human rights are closely interlinked and mutually reinforcing;
    • Help to enhance coherence and coordination among national, regional, and international partners;
    • Develop and share good practices in peacebuilding and foster predictable financing for peacebuilding.


  • In the implementation of the new resolutions on peacebuilding and sustaining peace adopted by the General Assembly and the Security Council (A/RES/75/201- S/RES/2558 (2020)), the Commission will convene discussions on financing for peacebuilding with a view to presenting inputs in advance for Member States’ consideration and discussion at the High-level meeting of the General Assembly.
  • The PBC is well-positioned to convene relevant actors and offer a platform for stock-taking of progress in the implementation of the relevant provisions of the GA resolutions on the UN reforms, with a specific focus on the effectiveness of the integrated delivery and impact in the countries affected by or emerging from conflict.



  1. Bridging role of the Peacebuilding Commission: the work of the Commission with the General Assembly, the Security Council, and the Economic and Social Council


  • Explore ways to advance the implementation of resolutions A/RES/75/201and S/RES/2558 (2020), including through strengthening synergies with the General Assembly.
  • Explore ways to further strengthen the advisory role of the Commission to the GA, the Security Council, and its bridging role with ECOSOC and pursue synergies including the appointment of informal PBC coordinators drawn from the membership of these bodies; better aligning the Commission’s programme of work to those of GA and Security Council; and timely submission of recommendations to these bodies, as appropriate.
  • Explore the nature and scope of the Commission’s advisory role to the General Assembly, especially as it further promotes lasting peace and sustainable development in Africa.


  • Convene informal interactive dialogues with the Security Council, including ahead of the Council’s deliberations on the formation, renewal, and drawdown of Missions as appropriate.
  • Convene a joint event with the Economic and Social Council and explore ways to enhance informal cooperation with the Council and its advisory bodies.


  1. Partnerships and engagement with other stakeholders


  • Convene informal consultations with a view to preparing the eighth annual session of the Commission.
  • Pursue opportunities for stronger engagement with relevant IFIs, including through (virtual) visits to their headquarters and regular engagement of IFIs in PBC discussions and preparation of meetings.
  • Explore opportunities for engagement with the private sector in support of peacebuilding and sustaining peace priorities.
  • Encourage, strengthen and diversify engagement with relevant regional and sub-regional organizations:
    • Organize the annual meeting with the African Union Peace and Security Council and promote cooperation with other regional and sub-regional organizations, as appropriate.
    • In consultation with the countries concerned, explore ways for substantial engagement with relevant regional and sub-regional organizations when discussing country-specific or regional issues in the PBC.
  • Engage with civil society in line with UN system-wide work, prioritizing participation of women and youth


  1. Towards a more flexible Peacebuilding Commission


  • Focus on results and outcomes of engagement in delivering on all PBC lines of effort, such as holding meetings, convening actors from across the international community, field visits, outreach, providing advice to other parts of the UN system, with a view to fostering greater impact at headquarters and field level.

    • Engage on country-specific and regional issues, with the consent and in consultation with the countries concerned, including countries receiving funds from the Peacebuilding Fund in line with national ownership.
    • Advance the implementation of the Commission’s gender strategy, in accordance with the modalities indicated in the strategy and as per the gender strategy implementation plan.
    • Develop and share good practices in peacebuilding.
    • Consider thematic issues relating to peacebuilding and sustaining peace, including but not limited to institution-building, financing, gender, youth, and national ownership.
    • Explore ways of supporting the role of South-South cooperation in peacebuilding and sustaining peace.
    • Continue the consideration of the Commission’s rules of procedure and working methods.


  1. Financing for peacebuilding: strengthening the synergies between the Peacebuilding Commission and the Peacebuilding Fund


  • Explore practical ways to strengthen the synergies between the Commission and the Fund.
  • Continue the practice of engaging with countries receiving support from the PBF, in line with national ownership.
  • Engage on a regular basis with DPPA/PBSO and members of the PBF Advisory Groups to ensure that the Commission is informed of the activities of the Fund.