Guidance Notes

1.  Project Operational and Financial Closures 2020 English
2.  Perception surveys and community-based monitoring for PBF support 2020 English
3.  Gender Marker Scoring 2019 English | French
4.  Youth and Peacebuilding 2019  English
5.  Cross-Border and Regional Programmes 2020 English
6.  Checklist for PBF Evaluative Exercises in the context of COVID-19 English | French
7.  Climate Security and Peacebuilding English
8.  Youth, Peace and Security: A Programming Handbook English
9.  Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedures for the Joint Steering Committee English
10.  Value for Money Guidance Note and Project Checklist English
11.  Theory of Change English | French Spanish
12.  Community-Based Monitoring and Evaluation (CBM&E) Background Note 2022 English